Bentley Bentayga Bootute

With the release of the new Bentley Bentayga fast approaching, we felt it best to update our shopping cart to include a Bootute to suit.

What better way to keep the 15 way adjustable leather (14 hides from southern german bulls per vehicle) on the seats (each one made by Bentley in house by a team of 18 dedicated seat builders and available in 15 different colours) free from dirt dust and damage?

Then of course we have the choice of 7 different wood veneers on the door trims to protect. These laser cut veneers come in walnut from Californian orchards, fiddleback eucalyptus from Spain and tamo ash from China. Each tree does about 50 cars and each of the 24 sheaths used per car are always a mirror image of each other to give a completely symmetrical look to the cabin.

With a Bootute in the back, you could take the hounds out for a run or run the tack out into the fields and take your pony for a canter. Fancy a bit of pheasant shooting - then just throw the catch in the back and have Jeeves collect them when you are back at the castle.

Either way, you know your Bentayga will be safe from harm and we are sure there will be space to store it in the 22" spare tyre under the back floor.

So if you have your order in for your new Bentayga, make sure you go to our website and order your large one now.

Your Bentayga will love you.

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"See - they do get dirty!"