Bootute bootliners about to line the boots of Canada

We have just sent our first Bootute Boot Liner to Canada for some serious winter testing in Whistler, British Columbia.

I am sure Bootute will provide some linguistic exercise for our Canadian friends as they pronounce "about" as "aboot" so I would love to be there when someone says: "I am thinking about a Bootute Boot Liner for my boot".  They may actually call it a "trunk" in Canada, as they do south of the border in the US.

We are keen to see some photos come back from the snowfields as the recipient, my nephew, works in the ski fields and does a lot of outdoor sports.  The outdoors lifestyle is suited to the Bootute as the mess does not end up in the car after a long day on the slopes snowboarding or mountain bike riding.  Who knows we may even get a moose in a Bootute - now that would be a sight!!

He said that he misses his Bootute he had when he was in Australia and is looking forward to receiving a replacement.  

We did of course, have to include a jar of Vegemite which was well protected inside the Bootute wrapping.  No home away from home is complete unless the Vegemite stocks are kept up.

A number of the vehicles in Canada are similar to those here in Australia, so our Bootute boot liner will fit them easily.  Given the universal fitment we provide, there are very few that we won't be able to fit so "bring it on Canada" we say.  We are ready.

Bootute are always interested in export opportunities, so if you know someone overseas who may be interested in selling Bootute, please give is a call on 0448 882 884 or email to and we will contact them.

The latest weather word from Whistler is that there is snow on the ground and they are looking forward to a white Christmas next week.  I am sure, after the last couple of days of blinding heat here in Queensland, that a little drop of snow would be nice to cool things down.