Happy Bootute Customer

We were concerned that a customer had purchased the wrong Bootute size when they re ordered a small a few days after taking delivery of a large.

As it turns out there was no cause for concern as our customer was so impressed with his Bootute he boughtone to fit his daughter's car as well.

He kindly posted to our Facebook page as follows:

What a bloody great idea. 

I've just ordered two, a small and a large. One so I can finally take the dog out for walks around the lake without getting hair all through the car and the other to be able to carry larger loads in my SUV with the seats folded down. 

I strongly recommend this product to everyone as it has a multitude of uses beyond carrying rubbish to the tip. You can even use one when your camping out in the back of your station-wagon / SUV and you want your privacy. 

Set-up the BootUte, put in your mattress and sleeping bags and there you have it your own little Aladdin's Cave. 

Anything you need to carry that required you to use tarps, blankets, etc to protect the interior of your vehicle you can now do so safely with a BootUte. 

I'm expecting now to be able to do a whole lot more with my vehicles than ever before thanks to BootUte, without the need for hiring a trailer.

if you have a Bootute experience or user idea, please visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts with us and others.