Is Bootute Working With You This Weekend?


When you take 14 x 1.8 m Star Pickets, a roll of temporary fencing and a drop hammer it can only mean a hard weekend ahead. Star Pickets have this gunky black coating on them and if they touch the upholstery in your car, the result is not pretty.

Bootute to the rescue!!

At the hardware store, I installed my Bootute as normal but found the length of the Star Pickets a bit much for the little Polo so I left the red connectors on and undid all of the others. This allowed the Bootute to "extend" to fill the space available without the Star Pickets poking through the end. Putting the front seat forward allowed them to fit and it was job done.

The lady at the hardware store was amazed at the Bootute and thought it was a great idea.  She said that some of the things she sees people putting in the back of their 4WDs and SUVs amazes her.  Why would you spend so much money on a sports "utility" vehicle and not protect it when in "ute" mode?  Bootute offers the solution and protects the inside of your vehicle, ensuring there is no dirt, dust or damage to the interior.

In this case, the Bootute was able to be adapted to suit the job and this is a great example of the flexibility Bootute offers for most loading applications.

I can't say I am looking forward to being on the end of the drop hammer tomorrow but at least I won't have anything to clean up afterwards.

If you come up with any tips and tricks when using your Bootute, please let us know so as we can share the tips around.

Have a good weekend and if you are free.