Life After Bootute

I saw a sad sight on the way to an appointment recently.

I have often wondered what has happened to the many trailers Bootute has put out of service and I was encouraged to see that some have found ongoing work as mobile billboards.

Whilst some may say sitting at the side of a busy road all day and night is not a fitting retirement for a trailer, we are pleased to see them contributing to road funding via their registration fees rather than rusting away in a lonely backyard somewhere.

With space at a premium with smaller houses and backyards, it never made more sense to downsize to  Bootute rather than having a trailer to carry stuff.

With a towbar often costing up to $1,000 or more in some cases plus the cost of the trailer, registration and insurance and tyres every few years it just doesn't add up any more.  Added to this is the need to store it somewhere and with space at a premium, something has to give.

We often see trailers sitting around outside of houses full of rubbish waiting to be emptied.  Not only does this detract from your property, it also offers a haven for vermin and insects  which is not at all desirable or healthy.

A Bootute on the other hand will fit into the spare wheel well or under the seat and is ready when you are to protect your vehicle.  Instant gratification at its best we say.

We do recognise of course that a Bootute does not do everything a trailer does, but your local car hire company will gladly rent you a ute for those time at a cost much less than that of a a tow bar, let alone the trailer all with the added bonus that you don't have to clean it when you are finished!!

If you want to save space around the home, save money on trailer hire or upkeep all whilst keeping your car clean, now is the time to buy a Bootute.