Sofia Vergara Damages Her Range Rover Sport

Let's face it, it is not hard to damage your vehicle, even the stars do it!

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara recently had an incident with a hungry kerb when out to lunch in Beverly Hills and ripped a door trim off of her Range Rover Sport.

Accidents happen, but when it comes to the inside of your car, you need not take the risk.  Bootute will protect the inside of your car from dirt, dust and damage - every time.

I am told that "people with Range Rovers (and other high value SUV's) don't carry things in the back of their vehicles".  

Probably the main reason they don't is that they do not want to bet a mess on the white carpet or white Connolly Hide Leather upholstery.  Well, newsflash to those who believe it, some people who own these vehicle do actually use them to go windsurfing, camping, off roading and taking stuff to the recycling centre as can be evidenced by the following:

So make the most of your vehicle - you can do so much more with it and get so much more out of it whilst keeping the inside clean and undamaged.

We can't speak for the outside and the clean up after getting stuck in the middle of a creek, but we do know that you can carry almost anything inside without a mess - whether you own a 1960's Corolla or brand spanking new Range Rover Autobiography.  Either way, Bootute has you covered and your car will love you.