About Us


Like most overnight sensations, Bootute® has been years in the making

Tired of getting a mess in the back of the car and spending more time vacuuming up than anything else, Bob thought there had to be a better way 

The first step was contacting a friend with a "big sewing machine" and the first Bootute® (Testboot_1) was created

It was a rather "basic" sample that provided the basis for the dimensions and how to fit it to hold it in place once in the car.  We settled on our velcro strap system which ensured the Bootute® was held in place and was able to be fitted most vehicles.  It was then on to sampling



From here we tested numerous different materials before selecting the final product, which has proven to be the best under all test conditions.  Various coloured straps were tried and tested until we came up with our Bootute® branded red, yellow and blue straps.  These colours are universally recognisable and make it much easier for translation into other languages



The Bootute®  was put through months of rigorous testing to ensure it was able to withstand the many things it was likely to hold

We loaded it up with palm fronds, clippings from trees and shrubs, uprooted plants, weeds, bags of mulch, pool salt, packing cartons, furniture, bikes and kids toys.  We took the lawn mower and whipper snipper to be serviced, cleaned the garage and when we had finished all that we went to the beach and threw all of the sandy toys and towels in the back before we came home


FINDING THE LIMITS OF BOOTUTE®  (not recommended reading for children under 18) 

We did break one Bootute® (Testboot_5), but only after completely over-filling the back of our test vehicle (Toyota RAV4) with garden waste including some 75mm thick tree trunks with branches still attached.  We then undid all of the straps and dragged the overweight, overstuffed Bootute® out fully loaded onto the ground and upended it into the skip at the recycling centre (DO NOT DO THIS WITH YOUR BOOTUTE®)

One of the sharp branches caught on the rear panel of the vehicle as we forced it out and a small 50mm L shaped tear was made in the Bootute® material.  We simply sewed a patch over it and Testboot_5 went on to undertake many more successful tests before retiring

There was no damage to the vehicle at all and we have completed the required counselling sessions

We ask you do not replicate this test



Production samples were received in mid 2012 and after fitting them to a variety of different vehicles and final testing, our first production order was placed for delivery late 2012