SAVES TIME:  Installs quickly and easily in under 2 minutes

SAVES TIME:  No more vacuuming out the car - keep the dirt in your Bootute® - not in your car

SAVES TIME:  No need to wait to have your purchases delivered - take them with you now and save on delivery charges as well

SAVES MONEY: No need for trailer hire, ute hire or towball on your car

SAVES MONEY: No need to register, insure and store an unsightly trailer

SAVES MONEY: Get more recycling in when you go to the Waste & Recycling Centre.  Less trips means less dumping fees - saving you time after time

ALWAYS READY:  Can be kept in the car and be ready for use any time, any where for anything

GET MORE OUT OF YOUR CAR:  Carry almost anything in the back of your car without any mess or damage

PROTECT YOUR CAR: Whatever you carry in your boot, your car interior will be protected from dust, dirt and damage

INCREASES SECURITY: Valuables like mountain bikes, surfboards, wake boards and other sporting equipment stored in the Bootute® cannot be seen from outside the vehicle and are kept away from prying eyes.  If you are travelling, your Bootute® will conceal suitcases, sporting equipment or whatever you may be carrying in the rear of your vehicle.  Always remember to lock and secure your vehicle before leaving it unattended



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