What size do I choose?
We have detailed what we believe to be the best size for your vehicle on our SHOP page.  If you cannot find your car listed or have any questions, please complete the form below.


How can I contact Bootute?
If you need to speak to someone about Bootute, please phone 02 9905 8400 within Australia (+61 2 9905 8400 outside Australia) or email sales@bootute.com. We can also be contacted via our Facebook Page

Does Bootute® fit all hatches, wagons, 4WDs and SUVs?
Provided the vehicle has headrests, grab handles and either struts or hinges it will fit.  Vehicles with side opening rear doors need to obtain the Bootute® Window Strap Kit.  Go to our kit SHOP page to order.

I have a large SUV and a small hatch - do I need to buy 2 Bootutes®?
Not at all.  If you need a Bootute®- Large for your SUV, then this will also fit into the small hatch.  The fit may be a bit "loose" and if you are not happy, you may purchase a Bootute®- Small.  The design of the Bootute® is such that it is not a tight fit, allowing for movement to accomodate a variety of different shapes and sizes when loading

My vehicle has no struts. Where do I fix the red straps to?
If your door opens to the side, you will require a Bootute® Window Strap Kit. You will be able to use this to connect the red straps and hold your Bootute® in place.  Go to our kit SHOP page to order.

My vehicle has hinges but no struts. Where do I fix the red straps to?
If your door opens upwards, you could attach the red straps to the hinges. If this is not suitable/possible, you will require a Bootute® Window Strap Kit.  Go to our kit SHOP page to order.

Why are the window straps not supplied with every Bootute®?
Only a very small percentage of vehicles require the window straps - those with side opening doors.  To supply a set with every vehicle would have added to the cost to you, our customer and it was felt that it was not environmentally responsible to produce this part only to have it thrown away in most instances.  We trust you understand our reasoning

My vehicle does not have grab handles above the rear seats?
Some vehicles have small coat hooks rather than grab handles.  All Bootute® models come with a D hook that can be used in place of the yellow strap.  Simply place the D hook over the coat hook to hold the Bootute® in place

How can I secure my load in my Bootute®?
If you feel the items inside your Bootute® may move during transit, you can simply undo all straps and let the Bootute® drop onto the load.  You can then secure the load using the tie down points fitted to your vehicle or other available means. When you arrive at your destination, simply refix the straps and unload. Ensure all items loaded into your Bootute® are firmly secured before moving your vehicle

I can't see out of my back window when the Bootute® is installed

Please check local regulations and bylaws to ensure you are able to drive your vehicle on the road with no rearward vision available from your interior rear vision mirror (above the dashboard)

If it is a problem for you, simply unhook the yellow and red velcro straps and your Bootute® will drop down on top of your load and you will gain the maximum vision available


Is my Bootute® waterproof?

Your Bootute® is NOT waterproof and we do not recommend loading fluids, wet items or items that may leak into your vehicle when the Bootute® is installed

Can I wash my Bootute®?

You can machine wash your Bootute® on a short cold cycle. It is best to shake it out first and, if necessary, hose off any excess dirt that may clog the washing machine

Once washed, simply hang on the clothes line to dry and pack away only when fully dry


Do you have a question about Bootute®? Please fill in the form below and we will answer you as soon as possible: