How to Install

Install in under 2 minutes! 
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step One

Attach blue straps to headrest

Step Two

Locate the yellow velcro straps and attach it to the passenger grab handle.

Step Three

Attach red straps to struts or Bootute Window Strap Kit as applicable.

HOW TO INSTALL - Detailed instructions

Open the rear hatch/opening of your vehicle

Remove the parcel tray and all other objects and lay the seats forward

Remove your Bootute® from its bag and place in the rear of the vehicle with the blue and yellow straps towards the front of the vehicle and the red straps level with the rear opening

Open the rear doors (5 door) or front doors (3 door) and locate the blue velcro straps and attach them to the headrests on the front seats.  On some vehicles, the blue straps may not be able to be attached or there may may not be headrests, but this is not a problem and will not affect the use of your Bootute®  

Locate the yellow velcro straps.  Choose the one that best suits your car and attach it to the passenger grab handle above the rear door /side passenger window.  The one nearest the front will suit bigger vehicles and the rear will suit smaller vehicles

Repeat on the other side of the vehicle

For vehicles without grab handles, attach the small D hook on the yellow strap to the coat hook above the rear door /side passenger window or on the door pillar

Go to the rear opening and locate the red velcro straps and attach to the gas struts on each side.  If your vehicle does not have gas struts, you can attach them to the hinges (Volkswagen Touraeg, Porsche Cayenne etc)


Pull down the bumper bar protector and your Bootute® is ready to load



You are now ready to place items into the rear of the vehicle

If loading long items (ie off-cuts from trees or bushes) simply cut them to a length that is shorter then the back of your vehicle so they are easy to load and unload

Load things like cardboard on the bottom to make unloading easier and remove any sharp twigs or branches before placing items into the Bootute®

Secure any heavy items to prevent them from moving when the vehicle is in motion

To do this, you can simply unhook the straps and allow the Bootute® to fall down over your load and secure it via the tie down points or other suitable means available

Ensure that no items extend outside of the vehicle



Clean any excess debris or items from the bumper bar protector

Lift the protector up and secure the 3 red velcro strips to the adjacent strips at the opening of the Bootute®

Check to see that no items extend beyond the rear opening that may damage the rear window, window tinting or tailgate

Carefully close the rear tailgate/window/door of the vehicle



Lower the bumper bar protector over the bumper bar and carefully unload the Bootute®, being careful not to drag any items along the bottom of the Bootute®

Once the Bootute® is empty, undo all straps, remove from the Bootute® from the  vehicle and shake it out to remove any remaining items if necessary


Undo all straps by lifting the velcro strap  

Do not under any circumstances pull on the Bootute® to release the straps



Lay the Bootute® flat on the ground (or in the rear of your vehicle) and fold the bumper bar protector onto the main section of the Bootute®

Fold each side in until the Bootute® is the width of the storage bag

Roll the Bootute® up tightly and place into storage bag

Your Bootute® can now be stored away for next time



Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended load capacity for your vehicle

Ensure all items loaded into your Bootute® are firmly secured before moving your vehicle

Ensure external mirrors are correctly adjusted to allow adequate rear vision

Do not use the Bootute® for other than it's intended purpose

Do not load sharp items, such as glass, wire, metal into the Bootute®

Do not load fluids into your Bootute®

Do not force items into the Bootute®