Bootute Window Strap

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Product Description

Bootute® Window Strap Kit allows the correct fitment of your Bootute® to your vehicle if it has side opening doors When your vehicle is selected from our My Car page and you click on Buy Now for your vehicle, the approriate fitment will be selected if you need a Bootute® Window Strap Kit If you have purchased your Bootute® from a retailer and not obtained a kit there, we are happy to send one to you for $4.95 to cover cost of postage and handling To fix the straps, simply slip the red straps (step three) through the loop on the green strap and close velcro straps. Moisten the suction cap, pull the strap so as the red strap is in the top corner of the rear opening and fix it to the side window as high up as possible Do the same on the other side and your Bootute® is ready for use If you have purchased a Bootute® and do not have these straps, please click here to purchase a set of straps Click on the video below to view installation process